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JavaScript Music Notation and Guitar Tablature
By Mohit Muthanna Cheppudira

What is VexFlow?

VexFlow is an open-source online music notation rendering API. It is written completely in JavaScript, and runs right in the browser. VexFlow supports HTML5 Canvas and SVG.

Sponsor VexFlow

VexFlow has been in development for over 10 years, and used by apps, startups, universities, in all kinds of amazing ways. If you find VexFlow useful, please consider sponsoring me on GitHub.

Where Do I Start?

The best place to start adding music notation to your apps and websites is with the EasyScore Tutorial.


Vexflow can be used to create all kinds of sophisticated music applications and websites. Have a look at the tests page for a comprehensive list of features.

What is VexTab?

VexTab is an easy-to-use language to quickly create, edit, and render standard notation and guitar tablature.

Follow the tutorial on the VexTab Tutorial page to get started using VexTab.

The Code

VexFlow is distributed under the MIT license, and all the code is available at the VexFlow GitHub Repository. VexTab is an open specification and the reference implementation is open source. This implementation is free for non-commercial use. See details at the VexTab GitHub Repository.

More Stuff

We're always building and experimenting with new things related to music and audio on the web. Try these out:
  • VexWarp - An online tool for slowing down, stretching, pitch shifting, and looping music and audio. Great for practising and transcribing.
  • VexChords - Render guitar chords in your browser.
  • Pitchy Ninja - This fun game trains your ear and improves your voice with personalized exercises and realtime feedback.

Stay in Touch

Keep up with changes at @11111110b, the 0xFE blog, or 0xFE@github.